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Kim Orlesky’s fresh thinking, innovative approach to sales and captivating storytelling have been adding value to events all across North America.

Entrepreneurs looking to be the next big brands of the world need Kim’s sales perspective.

Sales are something that almost every entrepreneur and organization struggle with at one point or another. Especially how to close more sales quickly. And Kim has the answers they are looking for. Kim’s audiences leave energized and motivated to be super sales generators.

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9 Fatal Sales Errors Market Leaders DON'T Make!

Your business isn’t looking for any business, you’re looking for the BEST clients.
And those clients are ready to invest a premium price for your premium service or product. But just because they are willing (and able) to pay doesn’t mean you should rush through the sales process. That’s the fastest way of losing the client forever.

Learn the fatal errors inexperienced businesses and entrepreneurs are making all the time in their sales cycles, and don’t even know it. Companies such as Xerox and American Express have always been able to close the premium-priced deals and are market leaders for a reason.

Now learn the secrets of sales from someone who mastered their sales processes and is now your secret sales weapon.

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Closing High-Value Services: Your Fool-Proof Way To Close $100K in 30 Days

Unlike selling small transactional products, selling services is a completely different beast. There is more we need to know about our clients, how we will impact their business, and how our services will ultimately help our prospect's customers.

When a client can't hold onto the product you are selling, how do you communicate it's value and a return on their investment?

When it comes to selling higher value services it's about focusing on impact and results. Let's spin everything you thought you knew about selling services around and by changing a few small things, you're going to sell more, faster!

Get ready to close your next $100,000 within the next 30 days!

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