Aleisha Levins


Director, Strategic Marketing Operations - Retail | Ivanhoé Cambridge

"Try it. The format is very engaging with face to face webinar style interaction that allows everyone to be a part of the conversation, no matter their geography or skill level."

I shared them tools to help them burn the fire for their upcoming tourism conferences and partnership meet-ups. They’ve also been empowered with new strategies that I’m told helped their business change the game. It allowed them to stay on top of the shopping centre arena in the tourism playing field.

When I hear my clients use my recommendations and apply my tips, tricks, and strategies to streamline and improve their processes, it tickles me with joy. It’s like watching your kid unlock more possibilities and achieve new things.


Cameron Sterling


Managing Director | Cammar Corporation

Just made another call and had to let you know – moved the discussion from about a 5 to an impending deal at about a 9/10!  …simply by making it more personal and asking how they feel about their work and about how they would feel if outsourcing freed up some of their time to do more things.  This will likely result in a retainer and ongoing monthly service arrangement with them. It's like magic or something

Cameron took my advice on how to approach client conversation and make it more meaningful. I suggested to go to a more empathic road, ask about how they feel. That one change helped extract more valuable responses from the clients.

Asking for the client’s feelings about their business helped Cameron close the deal, without even bringing up the budget talk! Another real-life application of making sales conversations more personal helped Cameron get a quality lead.

For this deal, he expects to close in a retainer and a monthly service arrangement. You see, injecting a tinge of empathy and genuine sincerity in sales discussions can help generate leads and conversions. Being human, instead of sounding like a walking sales pitch, is the best way to make a sale.

Anita Lee

Anita Lee

Marketing Specialist | Anita Lee Digital Marketing

I just wanted to send over a thank you. I'm finding that I'm improving with each meeting and role play and not even just in sales but also in my communications in personal relationships."

It’s fulfilling to know that the course helped her become a better seller. For instance, when a prospect asked if she could send over a proposal, she insisted they set a meeting so she could have a good understanding of the client’s situation, allowing her to come about with a more tailored and effective proposal.

This is something I’m really proud of--knowing that our course is elevating people’s career and personal lives. Testimonials like this are what motivates me to continue helping more people become better at what they do.

Dwayne Holland


Business Director | Symbra

As sales and marketing continuously evolve, it’s also wise to stay on top of the trends for us to develop new strategies that work.

Like what Mike shared about his experience on the course - "It's good to have a refresher on a lot of modules. They did a good job of pushing the old dogs to learn some new tricks"



Mike Dorion


Speaker & Facilitator | Living Soil Solutions


Mike is a speaker and facilitator at Living Soil Solutions that provides educational talks and workshops about composting.

Before the program, he felt like he's not even prepared and doesn't know the right questions to ask in his meetings. But after completing the course, he became more confident and was able to turn his meetings into a meaningful & productive one by asking powerful & effective questions.

Robert Crookes


Learning & Development Consultant | Synaptix Learning Solutions

"What really sold me on it was the length and format of the course and the fact that I was going to get some ongoing support as I went through the course and afterward as well."

Shona Mitchell Monforton

Shona Mitchell Monforton

Personal Trainer

Shona took the initiative to sign up for our course to step up her game.

She said that before taking up the course, she felt as if she was just there—enough to let her clients find her, but not enough to grow her business significantly.

The beginning kicked her butt, she said. But digging deep into her business opened her eyes to a lot of possibilities and opportunities for growth. 

The course helped her to develop a process, to use a CRM to better organize and manage her business. This is what the course is all about: to help you refine your operations to maximize the results.

Shona sold her very first client immediately after the course. And we’re sure she’ll sell more in the future now that she has the confidence, tools, and knowledge to do so.

Steven Vaivada

Steven Vaivada

President | Scout Engineering & Consultancy Ltd.

Steve runs an engineering company that focuses on working with indigenous communities and businesses. He signed up for our course to have a better grasp of how to make their sales process more efficient and effective.

Now, he has established a better understanding about how the sales funnel works. He also began practicing a more streamlined approach to his sales process, allowing him to provide a better service to his clients. 

Robert Tinga

Rob Tinga

Manager | Visible ID 

"Since completing the course, I've been able to close more business and put revenue in the bank."



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