The Power of Open-Ended Questions


There’s no “one size fits all” final sales question that can get your client to say “yes.” You have to work for it; you have to earn their trust to get to the finish line. This can be accomplished by establishing a solid relationship with your client and most importantly, listening to their needs.

I’ve had people reach out to me asking me to talk to their client for that “final” push in sealing the deal. But the thing is, it’s more than just about convincing them with sales talk. And oftentimes, you can close it yourself. You just have to actively listen to them to know what to ask them.

When you fully understand their needs, you’ll figure out the right questions to ask--powerful, significant questions. Hence, giving you valuable answers than can help you identify the right solutions and recommendations for your proposal.

Open-ended questions, such as “What are your long-term goals?,” “Why is this important to you?,” or “How would that make you feel?” can ignite powerful answers. Do also paraphrase or repeat their answers to imply that you’re both in the same page. When they see you’re listening and comprehending what they say, that gets you one step closer to closing.

In the end, what we ask them is more crucial than what we tell them. It’s high time that you give some thoughts on what types of powerful questions you should ask during client meetings that will definitely reveal some powerful answers. If you need some help in this process, don't hesitate to reach out! Together, let’s sell more faster.

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