If You Want Prospects, Go Get Them!


Do you want to get clients you genuinely want to work with? Reaching out to a crowd of prospects to tap on your ideal clients is the dream! And you can go get these clients or let them find you in manageable steps!

Prospecting is no easy task. You can set out your marketing tactics and get numerous knocks on your door a week after. However, if your goal is to reach out to the kind of prospects you want to work with, you have to do more than that. This means acting on it and reaching out to them. And this is where sales come in.

Don't be afraid to reach out!

Go on and make your cold calls, cold emails, and simply reach out to your prospects. That’s how my business does it. That’s what I teach our clients and students.

Make a list of the people you find ideal working with. Followed by reaching out to them either through cold email or cold call. Craft your own and tailor-made cold email to your prospects and when you choose cold calling, make them listen and pique their interest.

The key to sending a cold email that is guaranteed to get opened lies in the SUBJECT LINE. The body of the message—the email in itself—goes to waste if your subject line sounds bland and generic. Make it hard-hitting, direct, and somewhat, personal. This is a good start to pique the recipient’s interest.

When it comes to the content of the email, get right to the point. Nobody wants to read an email that runs eight paragraphs long. These days, people have a short attention span. You want the client to get the message you wish to imply in the first few sentences:

  • WHY you’re contacting them
  • WHAT you can offer that would be valuable to them and/or their business and what they’ll get when they avail of this service
  • WHEN do you want to meet them

Drop the flowery words and icebreakers. Go straight to the point. This applies the same as well when cold calling.

To put it simply, don't overcomplicate things! Start reaching out and sooner or later, the clients will come to you.

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