How to Sell More When You're Too Nice To Sell



As businesses we know the importance of the ABCs of sales - Always Be Closing.
The struggle is how do you create a sense of urgency and interest to buy from someone when you don't want to be the one pushing your product or service?
Turns out some of the best salespeople embrace the emotions of the prospect and use empathy to build trust and relationships quickly.

Learn how to turn your love for your clients into a business that sells itself, and spend more time focusing on being your incredible self!

KO Advantage Group teaches the best sales process to ensure you are selling your services to businesses for a premium price, every time.
We focus on topics many traditional (and really, outdated) sales methods leave out, such as the role emotional intelligence takes in a business-to-business sales cycle, how to simplify your sales proposals to only 6-slides (yes - really!), and the value of spending MORE time researching before calling on prospects.

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