Goal-Based Selling


Let’s take a step back from the big picture and focus on two angles for now: the client’s goals and aspirations.

Ask your clients where they see their business in five or ten years in the future. Basing your discussion around these subjects give you an idea of how you can help them achieve it. Especially with their short-term goals.

Lots of clients use their short-term and long-term goals as a timeline or guideline rather than a concrete plan. Short-term goals that run the course of six months to two years at most should be your primary interest. These are easily attainable and actionable points.

Aside from providing recommendations and feedback to help clients gain results faster, goal-based selling also fosters a genuine and strong relationship with clients. It practices a collaborative culture--you, the seller, working together with the client--to motivate them to reach their business goals, especially at times when they lose sight of their future.

When the client shares their objectives, it’s your responsibility to: listen and evaluate carefully the steps to get there, prepare for the possible challenges, and understand what it means for them.

In my book, I share my personal discussion with a client where I implemented goal-based selling. Take a look at the effective questions I asked that encouraged my client to share their ambition with me. Their goals are ours, too.

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