Celebrating International Women's Day


Today is International Women's Day, and here at KO Advantage Group we #ChooseToChallenge inequality and gender bias everyday. Being led by a female boss like Kim Orlesky in a male-dominated industry is inspiration for us (and everyone in the sales industry) to challenge the long held beliefs regarding gender bias, because the truth is that women can make an impact too! KO Advantage strives everyday to promote inclusivity and motivate all women to celebrate their successes.

KO Advantage Team

To celebrate, we asked some successful and inspirational women that have taken our KO Sales U class to share what they would like to celebrate today in either their business or in their personal life. Here are some of the inspirational responses we received:

Tracey NyholtTracey Nyholt - Founder and CEO of TechJutsu

“For the something I would like to celebrate launching our Caller Verify product: Caller Verify Solution - YouTube” 





Jilliane YawneyJilliane Yawney - Story Coach and Owner of A Narrative Approach

"I'm filled with gratitude for the successes I enjoyed in 2020. My company's revenue increased by 96% over the previous year. I was able to pay it forward by tripling my company's monthly donations to YW Calgary, supporting women leaving abusive relationships. It's no surprise to me that the disconnection we felt in 2020 led leaders and business owners to storytelling. Stories are a highway to relationships and connection. I held many events for my clients last year and each time I heard them tell their stories, I saw them sit a little taller and glow a little more. Most of all, I heard about the impact of their stories: podcast launches, TV spots secured, speaking gigs nailed, workshops amplified. A story might seem small, but it does big things. My story of 2020 is made up of the many stories I was lucky to co-craft and hear and for that, I celebrate. "


Deborah BarrettDeborah Barrett - Owner and President of Anthony at Your Service

"I'd like to celebrate the fact that Anthony at Your Service has grown a great deal in the past year. We now have service teams in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, and roughly 20 locations in BC. In January 2021, we paid 36 men and women with intellectual disabilities, and seven months into our current fiscal year, we have already surpassed our annual revenues for our 2020 fiscal year. I'd also like to celebrate our amazing customers like The Salvation Army, Telus, The City of Edmonton, BioWare, J&F Gifts, Pie Junkie, Jane Bond BBQ, Sock Rocket, Between Friends, Epcor and others, who continue to create an inclusive community by choosing Anthony at Your Service for their deliveries and their flyering projects.”


Denise Palmer

Denise Palmer - Business Development Manager at Stiris Research

“For International Women's Day, I want to celebrate all the strong, independent women in my life who have inspired me along my journey to who I am today.”




Shona MitchellShona Mitchell - Freelance Personal Fitness Trainer at ConnectedBody Strength

"I'm currently piloting a 6-week strength program that I developed YEARS ago as an online self-directed course. I have used it myself several times and gotten incredible results. I first did a (totally unsuccessful) attempt at a "live" pilot a few years ago. I learned a lot from that particular experience. I reworked the program, made it more accessible, and this time, put it together much more professionally and presented it as a hands-off course. It wraps up on March 13th, and the participants have been posting on Facebook and Instagram. I will update it again following feedback from the participants. It's been so amazing to see their progress - *I* know the program works, but it's exciting when others see it work for them." 


Stephanie MacalusoStephanie Macaluso - a Travel Specialist at Tenon Tours

“For the past 12 years, I've had the pleasure of hand-crafting custom travel packages to Europe, specifically, the British Isles, Iceland and Italy.  I focus every day of my work on providing my clients a way to connect with other cultures and turning what are often just pipe-dream vacations, into a reality. As you can imagine, this past year hit hard...very hard, but with every challenge, every roadblock and every mountain in the way, you just need to take a deep breath, and continue to push forward.  

I'm extremely proud of our team at Tenon Tours for succeeding through the past year.  And that's right, even though International travel is basically non-existent, we still succeeded!  We started off with a record setting first three months of 2020 and through everything that happened, we successfully launched four new destinations in Europe, featuring Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and France.  Personally, I have also stepped into more of a leadership role within the organization, while continuing to work with my clients directly.  I wouldn't be where I am today without my team's support and strength, as it also allowed me to take a few months off to care for my growing family (my daughter, Laila, was born in August!).  

We are extremely optimistic about the return of travel in 2021 and cannot wait until we can continue to explore the world together!”


Anita LeeAnita Lee - Owner & Marketing Specialist at Catch Communications

"Over the past year, I am grateful for the opportunities that have risen to help businesses improve their web presence and develop strategies to better promote their products and services online. As a result, our clients who were once fairly locally-focused have expanded their reach either nationally or internationally. I am proud to support their growth!"


Tara McCashin

Tara McCashin - Intern Architect, AAA

"Despite social distancing and isolation, it seems this time alone has allowed everyone to laser focus their mission in life. Like minded, values aligned people and businesses have found each other. I'm so grateful that this year I have gained the courage to connect with incredible organizations that has flourished into collaborating on how we can innovate on environmental design and housing for vulnerable populations."



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